Summery hens in a summery patch.

Still tiny, WIP no more.

Little WIP

The tiniest houses are what’s up.

A tribute for a beloved hen. (Her sister, Thompson, is still a well-respected senior resident of the coop.)

Some tiny places in my sketchbook

This week’s fantasy chicken will be up sometime soonish, probably, but I’m feeling rather over the fantasy chickens for now. My schedule has very different rhythms now that I’ve graduated, and is lately very full of farm work. (I helped plant 50 raspberries today!) Upcoming watercolors may reflect this theme, and will almost certainly continue to feature chickens to some extent.

what a doll!

This week’s fantasy chicken picture, “the swamp denizen and her beast”, is a loving parody of/homage to Frazetta-style jungle girl art and similar fantasy illustration. How one keeps one’s hair that neat in a swamp is beyond me - I imagine combs would be scarce.